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raise your hand if you’re tired and sad and wanna make out with a boy

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It’s raining and there is nothing to do so I’m going to be doing ships!


- MBF me

- REBLOG this (get the word around)

- Ship me and tell me why or ask me a question

- Have an about or face page (if not just send in a description of yourself!)

And you’ll get

- A ship & why I ship you with him

- Best friend

- Secret admirer

- Blog rate /10

- compliments

- advice if needed

- a possible follow back!

- also if you want a little blurb to go with it just tell me what you want it to be about and I’ll do that to! (I won’t do smut though)

Go go go! I’ll do them all!



calum dmed someone this

Calum dealing w/ hate the right way